Roozbeh Safavieh

Co Founder / CEO

Roozbeh has over 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Before joining PlasmaGear, he founded Sensoreal, where he collaborated with the Canadian Space Agency and Honeywell Aerospace for developing rapid blood test cartridges to be used at the international space station. At PlasmaGear, Roozbeh is responsible for the marketing and project management aspects of the company. By training, Roozbeh has a PhD. in Biomedical Engineering. He was one of the pioneers, who introduced yarn (thread) as a substrate for making microfluidics-based biosensors.

Professor Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault

Co Founder / Technical Advisor

Pierre-Luc has over 20 years of experience in developing stable and functional plasma-based coatings. By training, Pierre-Luc has a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics where he focused on the atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization and chemical characterization of organic thin films. Since, 2011, Pierre-Luc is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University and leads a team to engineer functional surfaces with properties ranging from hydrophilic, hydrophobic and oleophobic. At PlasmaGear, Pierre-Luc is responsible for assisting, advising and overseeing the technical team.

Tien Nguyen

Senior Research Scientist

Senior Scientist at Plasmagear with over twelve years of expertise in polymeric materials. Tien holds a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering, emphasizing bio-based polymer characterization. He boasts a rich history with hybrid materials, including collaborative projects at EMPA Switzerland, the University of Oslo, and notably at Plasmagear. Tien oversees lab equipment operation and product manufacturing.

Melike Gozutok

Senior Research Scientist

Melike serves as the VP of Product Development at Plasmagear, with a decade-long focus on nano-materials within the realm of materials science. Melike specializes in the seamless transition of lab-scale innovations to large-scale industrial applications. At Plasmagear, she takes the helm in matters of formulations, product and experiment architecture, grant acquisition, and the overarching landscape of product development.